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YouCopia StoreMore Rack Expandable Cookware organizer, White (Kitchen)

About Youcopia Storemore Rack Expandable Cookware Organizer

  • Includes 10 adjustable dividers to fit large pans, platters, and lids
  • Expands 12-22” wide to fit any cabinet
  • A sturdy base prevents round lids/pans from rolling
  • Non-slip feet keep the rack securely in place
  • One minute set-up, no tools or installation required

Product description:
Expandable Cookware Rack
The StoreMore Expandable Cookware Rack keeps your favorite cookware organized (no stacking required). It extends to fit any cabinet space while adjustable dividers keep heavy items vertical and visible. When you can easily find what you need, you’ll be feeling like a pro.

Instructions :
1) Place the base on a flat surface and hold both ends. Lift and pull the top part to expand the base to your desired width.
2) Set the top part down so that holes are aligned. The center button (bottom part) should fit in a center long slot (top part).
3) Insert one end of a wire divider into an open slot on the base. Squeeze the other end of the divider into the open slot on the opposite side of the base. Release to lock in place.
4) Repeat with remaining dividers, positioning as necessary to properly fit your items. We recommend fitting the dividers as close as possible to keep everything upright and easy to remove.

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