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The Martha Stewart Cooking Collection – Martha’s Baking Favorites

The Martha Stewart Cooking Collection – Martha’s Baking Favorites

Martha makes everything special, and baking is no exception. Martha’s Baking Favorites features Martha Stewart’s best recipes – from cakes and pies to cookies and so much more. Consumers will learn the best techniques and tips for creating delicious treats.

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  1. another DVD for your Martha/baking library Just to give fair warning, I am a “Martha-head”, but I think I can be pretty objective. So with that in mind, once again, we have been given another treasure of a DVD. It is full of the best of her baking favorites, and per expected Martha-standard, it is perfect.The segments have been taken from her former TV format where you are in her home as she brings you cookies, cakes, pies, and tarts and shows you how you can create any of these delightful treats, with detailed instruction…

  2. Great tool for beginners I can not begin to say how much the information contained herein has helped me so much in my baking. The lessons on pie making, especially the crusts (my nemesis), cake techniques ie. creaming, beating egg whites (merengues), and all of the different recipes and ways to make and decorate, are indespensible. I simply adore this tutorial. For a person who does not cook or bake, much, mostly because of fear of messing up and guilt of wasting (I dislike throwing away anything that can be made and…

  3. If you want to learn to bake …BUY this! I have been cooking and baking for over 50 years and Martha can teach! I used to watch her great program during the 90’s with my young granddaughters. Watching various segments you can see how comfortable she is and explains things so well. Her Mom is on here with her and has since passed away. The video covers needed equipment, pie crusts, the Ultimate Chocolate cake (OMG), Lemon 1-2-3-4 cake, I love the tips, comments with Mom, and it is you being right there with her watching how to do it…

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