This is a brilliant multifunction kitchen gadget tool perfectly for many kitchen task, you will be surprised and love it!

Convenient and ideal for air-drying any washed tableware, cookware, bakeware, stoneware, flatware, kitchenware and fragile glassware.

Sturdy over the sink drying rack for holding heavy pots, fry pans, China, ceramic, porcelain.

Simple over-the-sink cooking prep works platform that can hold a cutting board for cutting, filling liquid containers (coffee cup, babies milk, etc.) or powders, pancake or cake mix, etc. makes mess right into the sink.

It can also hold wet vegetable and fruits temporary like a salad colander or vegetable washing bowl.

More tasks such as putting frozen items on there to thaw, hanging wash cloths and sponges to dry much faster on it, holding bread, cake to dry like a cooling rack much quicker.

Product Features

  • High-end quality, ENTIRELY FDA food safe grade silicone-coated steel with integrated design.
  • Resistant to rust, non-slip, durable. More glassware friendly and sturdy than those non silicone-coated easy loosen rubber cap stainless steel racks. Oil-resistant, very easy to clean. Welcome to compare
  • Heat resistant up to 400°F (204°C), BPA-Free, Can be used as heat resistant trivet mat on countertop. Dishwasher Safe
  • Warm Gray color, perfectly matches most popular trendy kitchen painting color themes. Foldable rolls up for easy storage. Size: 20-1/2″L x 13-1/8″W x 1/4″H (52 cm x 33.3 cm x 0.6 cm)
  • Full LIFETIME WARRANTY from the Authentic Surpahs product. 100% satisfaction guarantee. 100% worry-free guarantee.

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3 thoughts on “Surpahs Over the Sink Multipurpose Roll-Up Dish Drying Rack (Warm Gray, Large)

  1. Brilliant idea and so practical & simple! Having read many Amazon reviews and look at over 6 different makes and models, this is the one I went for. As you can see from the photos, it’s a perfect fit for the larger side of our 1.5 sink (different sizes).While I liked the look of the classic stainless steel and black silicone edges, I couldn’t find any of those that would fit. The internal dimensions of the sink you see here is 19″, so anything less than that in H would not work for us. This is 20.5 making it more sturdy and…

  2. AREN’T I CLEVER? I love the Surpahs roll up dish drying rack! I installed a huge, 9″ deep, one-basin sink and putting my dish drain in the sink didn’t work. I needed something to lift it off the bottom of the sink so the dishes I just washed didn’t keep getting wet in my dish drain as I used the rest of the sink. You can see by my attached photos that the Surpahs drying rack works perfectly to support my dish drain which allows the dishes to dry and yet I can still squirt water underneath it when I need to…

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