Good pot needs good maintenance! Before use Wash the pot with boiling water, the pot will leave dust when the factory. Cook on a low heat for 10 minutes, then go in and clean and dry. If the cleaning is not clean, use hot water and white vinegar. Clean dry at a ratio of 10:1. In use: Prohibit the dry burning of empty pots, so as not to affect the life of the product, to avoid the fire to cook, our pot has the advantages of rapid heat conduction, no need to open the fire, to avoid the pot yellowing, blackening. After use; Clean and dry thoroughly each time, place in a dry place to avoid food oil residue, causing rust. If due to improper use, the pot appears above, please pour water and vinegar into the pot. In a ratio of 10:1, heat, clean with a cleaning agent and dry. Does not affect use.

Product Features

  • 1; Including: 1 stainless steel pot, 1 tempered visual lid, 1 stainless steel spoon and 2 colander
  • 2: Material: food grade stainless steel, integrated design, anti-rust, anti-corrosion, high-strength pressure cooker bottom, even and fast heat, energy saving, time-saving, durable.
  • 3; Applicable to induction cooker, electric ceramic stove, gas stove, halogen furnace and other stoves, heat transfer is rapid and uniform, health, safety and durability.
  • 4: The S-type divider is in the middle of the pot with scratches at the bottom because the divider needs to be sealed and does not affect use. Figure 4-5 shows. Check if the water leakage: please keep the balance of the pot body, add the same amount of water on both sides of the pot body, observe whether the pot is leaking, if only filled with water on one side, the other side will leak normally.
  • 5: Note: Stainless steel pot itself will not turn yellow, black, rust. This can happen if the heat is too high or if there is oil residue on the outer wall of the pot. So after use, please thoroughly clean and dry, placed in the dry place, to avoid food oil residue, causing rust. If the use of improper situation, pour water and vinegar in the pot, after heating with detergent cleaning, clean clean and dry with a rag, does not affect the use.

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