Reston Lloyd was founded in 1972 and produces high quality enamel on steel kitchen, melamine, and acrylic accessories to produce Corelle coordinates as well as their private brand Calypso Basics. In addition, Reston Lloyd is the exclusive distributor for both Romertopf and Mawa which are home & kitchen products from Germany. These high end quality products are one of the corner stones to Reston Lloyd, who focus on quality merchandise from Germany. German made Glazed Romertopf, has a glazed bottom and unglazed lid. The steaming method used by Romertopf surprises you time and time again by its unequalled tasty and healthy dishes and by being extremely easy to use. Each piece is handcrafted in Germany using natural clay. The unglazed top is to be soaked before use. The lid will absorb the right amount of water every time and creates a blanket of steam inside and out during the cooking process. The glazed bottom is made of a glass frit material and does not contain any non-stick chemicals. This allows for easy release and clean up. Contains no lead, cadmium, dyes or plastics. All natural and European tested. Dishwasher and microwave safe and oven safe to 900 Degrees F. Not for freezer use. Designed from decades of tradition, this Classic Series embodies the tradition of clay cooking. The series comes embossed with pictures of traditional food images. The largest of the series is decorated with Caesar and Roman columns which reflect it’s origin. Romertopf has lasted the test of time because it is easy to use and nutritious.

Product Features

  • Clay baker handcrafted in Germany designed for making moist, delicious roasts, braises and breads, and meats
  • Soak the top before use, the lid will absorb water to create a blanket of steam inside and out; natural flavors are intensified
  • Features side handles; glazed bottom makes clean up easy
  • Holds 7.3 quarts; and up to 18 lbs.; serves 6-8 people; measures 17.25″ x 13.25″ x 8.75″
  • Dishwasher safe;oven safe; microwave safe
  • Holds 7.3 Quarts (Serves 6-8 people)
  • Cooks in its own juices; additional fats, oils or liquids are hardly necessary
  • Vitamins and minerals are retained
  • nothing can burn, oven stays clean
  • natural flavors are intensified

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2 thoughts on “Romertopf by Reston Lloyd Classic Series Glazed Natural Cooker/Roaster, Turkey Extra Large Size

  1. Everything looks fine. I bake bread in this It was not broken when it arrived. I tapped using my knuckle all over listening for potentially hidden crack. Everything looks fine. I bake bread in this. My old (a’ 20 years) cracked because of an accident, and I was using it for some months anyway. I also bake our ducks in it; they are free range and therefore more difficult to cook them right (crunchy skin, tender breast etc.) without drying out.Romertopf is superior to the Cloche for bread making. I bake bread in my infrared barbecue;…

  2. So much fun going back to basics! This versitle clay cooker can roast juicy meats, and make crispy crust artisan bread! This clay baker arrived safely, well packed, and perfectly in tact. It is stamped GERMANY on the bottom. (Less reliable units are no longer being made in Mexico). Although I read the information carefully, I am pleasantly surprised that this is bigger than I envisioned it to be, and not as heavy as I thought either (6.6 lbs). The bottom is glazed and the top is not. The glaze is not non-stick so a quick spray of the bottom with non-stick coating is OK for ease of clean up. I hesitate to spray…

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