These are replacement handles for newer era (post 1968) Revere Ware pots and Dutch ovens (the ones with one screw per handle that screw directly at a 90 degree angle into the side of the pot). These handles are made for Revere Ware pots made in the last few decades that have handles that look the same, and will not fit any other model of Revere Ware pots, or pots from any other maker. These parts are newly manufactured and are made to look and work just like original Revere Ware pot handles.

These handles are not general replacement pot handles.

Material: Bakelite, stainless steel Includes:

Included: Each order includes two handles, enough for one pot.

Measurements: Approximately 3.0 in (75.5 mm) x 1.25 (32 mm) x 1.5 in in (38 mm)

Fits: Newer era pots and Dutch ovens that use a single screw only, that screws at a 90 degree angle into a bracket on the side of the pot. If your pot handles look like these, they should fit.

Replaces: The original Revere part number for this part was 36134.

Part Notes: The screws included with these handles are Phillips head, not slotted like some of the original Revere Ware pot handle screws were. Because the original slot head screws strip very easily, we consider this an improvement.

Bakelite notes: Because Bakelite is somewhat brittle, over tightening can cause the Bakelite to crack. Use caution when tightening.

Use and care: These handles (and Bakelite in general) are not oven-safe and repeated washing in a dishwasher will dull the surface of the Bakelite.

Use care to not expose the handles to open flame buy turning a gas flame on too high as it will case the Bakelite to smoke and emit a bad odor, and possibly crack. Bakelite in general is not safe to expose to an open flame.

Product Features

  • Replacement handle pair for Revere Ware pots / Dutch ovens (single screw)
  • These are made to fit only 70’s and newer pots and Dutch ovens made by Revere Ware that have a handle that looks the same
  • These handles are NOT made to be general replacement handles for any cookware piece.
  • Please do not purchase them just to try them on a non Revere Ware pot and return them if they don’t work.

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3 thoughts on “Replacement Handle Pair for Revere Ware Pots/Dutch Ovens (Single Screw)

  1. Split ’em up and fix two pots for the price of one! Worked just fine for my 42 year old Revere Dutch oven. These are slightly lighter and fractionally smaller than the original handles (if it were the other way around I’d blame the original but I find it hard to believe that they have gotten slightly heavier and fractionally larger in 42 years) (alas, no one doubts that of me!) but I still decided to replace only the broken one. It’s not enough to be noticeable to anyone other than me, so I’ve saved the handle in case a handle goes on my other,…

  2. The handles finally rotted off my wife’s favorite big pot (30 year old 10″ stainless Waterless cookware pot). She loved it because it was only 5″ deep. It seems all the ~10″ pots made now are deep stock pots which is a shame. This handle looked like a close fit so I crossed my fingers and bought them. It is not clear in the description but you get two.The curvature was perfect bit the depth of the recess wasn’t deep enough for the welded on nut holder..(See Pictures.)…

  3. DH installed new handles on old Revereware Dutch Oven easily yesterday. Today I had to ask him to uninstall the new handles & put the old ones back on. New ones got hot while I was cooking broccoli over the stove. Really hot. Maybe I’m just used to the old ones which have had all the toxic smell cooked out of them already but the new ones really smelled toxic as well. I considered them a possible burn danger for our family & am glad we kept the old ones. I left a 5 star review for Seller…

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