CONTENT: Set contains 6 pan protectors. Each pan protector measures 16 inches long. Protectors can be easily trimmed to fit smaller pans. Pans are not included. Perfect for storing dinnerware or when travelling with cookware or crockery.

PREMIUM MATERIAL: Made from Premium Polyester Felt with non-slip texture for stability when stacking or nesting.

USE: Place pan protectors when nesting pots and pans to avoid scratching

Product Features

  • THE PREMIER WAY TO PROTECT YOUR COOKWARE – Set includes 6 durable and thick pan and pot protectors – each piece is 16 inches wide. Long lasting and washable (hand wash with warm soapy water and lay flat to dry or wipe with wet cloth as needed). Pans not included.
  • EASY TO USE – Place pan protectors in between your kitchenware when storing them to avoid scratching and extend the life of your cookware. Our protectors can also be used in between glassware and ceramic to avoid locking or chipping.
  • VERSATILITY – Perfect for nesting pans and cookware in small spaces and cabinets – in your RV – big or small drawers. Our pan protectors can be easily trimmed to perfectly fit your pans.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE – Use on cookware – glassware – stoneware – skillets – pots – pans – bakeware – glass – ceramic – skillets – bowls – plates and more.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – If you are not completely satisfied with your pot protector for any reason, send it back and we will refund your money.

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3 thoughts on “Pan and Pot Protectors – Set of 6 – Gray – 16 in. diameter. Perfect for Non Stick Pans To Avoid Scratching

  1. Keep pots and pans looking good These protectors are very effective in preventing scratches and scrapings on stacked pots and pans. I had been using my grandmother’s method for this purpose, which is to use dishcloths (or paper towels once they were available) between her cooking pans. These protectors are much more effective, in that they are sized to fit the various pot/pan sizes and don’t end up all wrinkled and wadded between uses. Nor do they allow scratches and scrapings on the larger pans that are more difficult to…

  2. … purchased my second set of these – they are perfect! I use them to protect my good frying …

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