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Ovente 5 Pieces Non-Stick Silicone Spatula Set with Heat Resistant & Stainless Steel Core, Dishwasher Safe Premium Utensils with Seamless Design Perfect for Baking Cooking & Mixing, Orange SP12305O

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The complete solution for all your baking and mixing needs is here!

What is a kitchen without a spatula? You would not consider it as such if it weren’t for those spatulas. Spatulas are truly the backbone of every type of kitchen. Investing in the best spatulas is a must if you want to save time and effort in baking.

There are a lot of spatulas in the market, but Ovente is the kitchen shop in the US that assures the best spatulas – Premium Silicone Spatulas, to be precise.

Ovente Premium Silicone Spatulas are designed to be your go-to kitchen tool for all food preparation, such as baking, mixing, and decorating. Each spatula is built for durability with its stainless steel core for extra strength to ensure that it works great each day while you bake.

These Heat-resistant BPA-silicone spatula are totally safe to use along with coated or non-stick cookware, and are perfect with hot, delicious food, too. Yum! You don’t have to worry when you’re going to wash the spatulas, as they are dishwasher safe.

These stain and odor-resistant spatulas will not discolor, warp, melt, and will never affect the quality and taste of your food. Aside from these functions, the spatulas are enjoyable to use because of their fancy colors and ergonomic design for easy grip.

You can now cook and have fun at the same time with premium silicone spatulas. Ovente sets about creating high-quality premium silicone spatulas to make cooking easy and satisfying for busy people everywhere!
Heat-resistant Protection – Completely safe for coated and non-stick cookware, and perfect to use with hot food and around hot appliances, such as electric and gas cooktop.
Seamless One-piece Design – Made with no detachable parts for convenience and to make sure that no food will get stuck that will make it difficult to clean.
BPA-Free Material – Designed with non-toxic materials to keep nutrition in food and assure the safety of those who will eat the cooked meals.
Stainless Steel Core – These Ovente spatulas are fortified with a stainless-steel core for an added strength to ensure flawless use in baking, mixing or decorating.
Dishwasher Safe – Easy-to-clean, and stain and odor-resistant premium spatulas that will not discolor, warp, melt, and will never affect the taste of food.
Ergonomic Handle Design – Designed for a comfortable grip. It also has a hanging loop on each end of the spatulas for easy carriage and storage.
Lifetime Limited Warranty – Ovente spatulas are guaranteed to not chip or break for the life of the product when purchased from an authorized US reseller.

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