Give everyone an equal slice. Mark your pie before it bakes. Perfect for standard 9″/23cm pies, cakes and quiche. Extra deep perforations allow steam to escape. Easy grip handle. Made of aluminum. Measures, 7.5″/19cm. Handwashing recommended. Do not put in the dishwasher.Whether you’re trying to present beautiful slices of pie and cake to discerning guests, or aiming to divvy up dessert for your kids, this pie and cake divider fits the bill. A handy tool, it works on any round dessert–simply mark the cake or pie with the points of the divider arms and cut along the dotted lines. If you’re making a pie with a top crust, use the divider to create steam vents before baking, then follow the lines to cut the pie once it’s done. Its sturdy construction and old-fashioned design will last a lifetime. –Julija Gelazis

Product Features

  • 7 Pc Pie Divider
  • This divider equally divides your pies and cakes into 7 equal pieces
  • ideal for creating steam vents in your pies before baking, preventing your dishes
  • Easy and comfortable to use, this sturdy tool is essential for bakers
  • Extra deep perforations allow the steam to escape

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