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Nordic Ware Prep & Serve Bowl Set, 4-Piece

Nordic Ware Prep & Serve Bowl Set, 4-Piece

The finishing touches to compliment our everyday and Bundt bake ware. From prepping to mixing to serving, we have got you covered with all essentials. Our new prep and serve bowls are not only perfect for organizing ingredients while baking, but they are just the right size for serving small portions! microwave-safe.

Product Features

  • Four 1-cup capacity prep or serving bowls
  • Great for organizing ingredients for cooking
  • Right size for serving small portions or snacks
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe in top rack
  • Made in the USA

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  1. Great bowls for mixing, prepping, and serving I love this set of four stackable, plastic mixing bowls. It makes me happy to use them both because of the cheerful colors as well as the quality. I use them so much that they are openly displayed in my kitchen.The bowls are lighter than glass bowls, but they are substantial and sturdy. They are made of good quality materials. They do have non slip bottoms. They don’t seem to stain or retain any odors. I use them for food prep, mixing, and serving, not cooking (although they are…

  2. YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED!!! These little bowls are perfect for everything! I have had these bowls for over a month now and I have used them for dips, to hold my pre-measured ingredients for baking, as small serving bowls on the table! The fact that they are microwaveable, and dishwasher safe is such a plus, and I like the colors. I do regret not purchasing the lids and I don’t see an option to purchase these seperatly.. The one thing I was disappointed with is that they did not have the non skid bottoms like the…

  3. These colorful plastic bowls are a perfect size (1 cup) for holding leftovers such as frozen corn, peas, limas, etc. Just pop the bowl in the nuke the next day for a convenient serving. The microwave will not heat the bowl, just the food in it. The bowl will absorb some heat from the food, but one should be able to handle it without an oven mitt. Nuking butter can melt an ordinary plastic container. I melted butter in the bowl to test it’s microwavability – not a problem. I noticed the…

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