Mecete Pull out Cabinet Base Orginazer

Product Features

  • Mecete Base Cabinet Cookware Organizer is designed for improving the way you store your pots, pans, and lids. The upper layer is meant for pot lids, and the down layer is for a variety of cookware pots, pans. On the down layer, there are slide-able pot separators so you can put all sizes of pots and pans on it. With the sliding rail in it, you can always pull out to take the lids and pans as you wish. No more bow yourself to dig out pan that hides so deep.
  • The assemble dimension is that: width is 30 cm, and height is 45.5 cm. The most important is our Base Cabinet Cookware Organizer is suitable for most of the cabinet whose depth is between 53.5 ~ 62.5cm. Our product is specially designed with the sliding back frame so that it can fit the cabinet with the depth between 53.5 ~ 62.5cm. REMEMBER! Before you purchase our product, make sure the width of you cabinet, as well as the distance between cabinet close hinges (if any), are larger than 30 cm.
  • Mecete Base Cabinet Cookware Organizer is suitable for the cabinets including pulling-out cabinet door as well as swing cabinet door. For the pulling-out kind, we have included the door mounting kit in this product. No need to buy it separately.
  • We will 100% ensures you are getting the very finest product available at a great price. This will be your best no-risk purchase. Your satisfaction is our top priority, so purchase is backed with a full, unconditional money back guarantee. Our customer service team is standing by.

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2 thoughts on “Mecete Pull out Cabinet Base Organizer 12 in wide Pull-Out 2-Tier Base Cabinet Cookware Organizer

  1. so far so good I have several RAS and Lx shelves. Decided to try this one, but it is not as good as others. The wire baskets are ok, but the slides and the door bracket kit. The slides: They don’t slide out and back in smoothly. The brackets: Two small screws to attach them to the wire basket and they are straight metal bars. So those two small screws don’t hold the door at the right angle when trying to pull out. Because the slides are hard to pull, the door bends and the brackets move about 1/8 inch…

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