The petite shell-shaped cakes known as madeleines are versatile, pretty, and absolutely delicious. Made famous by Marcel Proust in his novel In Search of Lost Time, this classic French treat is now loved the world over. Beautifully illustrated and lovingly researched, Madeleines features recipes for an incredible variety of flavors and combinations, including such decadent desserts as Dark Chocolate Espresso Madeleines, savory appetizers like Pesto and Pine Nut Madeleines, and showstoppers like Cheesecake Madeleines with Lingonberry Preserves And making these adorable cakes has never been easier—author Barbara Feldman Morse has developed a unique quick-and-simple method for baking perfect madeleines again and again. Pour a cup of tea and enjoy this quick trip to France with Madeleines!

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3 thoughts on “Madeleines: Elegant French Tea Cakes to Bake and Share

  1. Mixed feelings I am conflicted. This is a beautiful little book, but be sure to read the recipes carefully before baking (as always). My first attempt was the fresh lemon drop madeleines (p. 106; quite good), which called for “1 1/2 c. granulated sugar, divided.” Step 3 says to put the butter and “sugar” in a bowl. How much sugar, you might ask. Step 8 then says to use 1/2 c. for a syrup. Oh, okay. She also says bottled lemon juice can be used — oh, the horror! Lemons aren’t hard to find. The…

  2. Fun book to start making madeleines I’ve had these wonderful French tea cakes in France, so I knew the book would not teach me to replicate those. But I was pleasantly surprised at the variety of recipes, the easy instructions, and the joy of my friends.My first try were the Cheese Danish … I overfilled the first molds in the pan so my finished madeleines weren’t the most attractive, but still tasted great. Their appearance was much improved in my second pan when I filled molds only 3/4 full. I also made the Pina…

  3. Some good, some room for improvement I don’t like to be critical, so let me say that at the outset. For every recipe, one could probably find five more that are similar, but not the same. This cookbook writer / baker has her style.I very much looked forward to trying out the recipes in the book.The book offers a great variety of madeleines in both sweet and savory options. There are quite a few to pick from and they are ordered by categories.The book is sprinkled with quotes about sweets and…

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