This Set of Commercial Grade Aluminum Stock Pots with Lid Covers and Steam Racks is a must needed item for every kitchen. This cooking pot set includes 5 different sizes of pots with steam rack and lid. One need to buy just this set and ready to cook a range of food. These are used to prepare broths, soups, stews, sauces and also to cook seafood, vegetables, chicken and more. The great thing about these pots are the fitting lids which helps to keep in heat and nutrients plus each pot has tall sides that keep the ingredients fully submerged for maximum flavor infusion so you get a healthy meal. Handles stay cool so it is safe and convenient to carry pots while cooking.

Product Features

  • Versatile Cookware Set – This set of aluminum stockpot includes 20 QT, 24 QT, 32 QT, 40 QT and 52 QT pots with Steam Racks and Lid. Professional grade aluminum construction with reinforced rim make these pots highly durable so provide a great temperature circulation.
  • Commercial Grade Cooking Pots – These pots are specifically designed to conduct heat evenly across the surface, these are made from thick aluminum while its reinforced rim and bottom withstands heavy duty use.
  • Multipurpose Kitchen Pots – These steamer pots are a perfect addition for any kitchen either at home or restaurant. Different sizes available for your convenience so you buy just one set and use to cook a range of food like to prepare soups, chili and stews, broths. These can also be used to cook seafood, chicken, tamales and vegetables in healthy way.
  • Preserve Nutrients – Each pot has a fitting lid to keep heat in and to preserve the nutrients so you get healthy food.
  • Secure Grip – Handles of lids and cooking pots stay cool so you can hold and carry easily while cooking.

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