1. With shiny MIRROR-POLISHED pan body, you will cut a fine figure both in the kitchen and at the dining table.
2. Ergonomical fist-loop handle with Y-shaped connection stays cool and is easy and secure to grip.
3. See-through TEMPERED GLASS lid circulates heat and moisture.
4. Great for cooking vegetables, melting butter and simmering sauces, soups or gravies.


1. Unlike most nickel-bearing 18/8 (Cr: Ni) and 18/10 stainless steel cookware products on the market, ours are healthier because they contain NO nickel, which harms health.
2. Whole-clad 3-ply construction and heat surround features achieve the natural stick resistance, without toxic non-stick coating.


1. Whole-clad 3-ply base and sides allow for fast and even heating.
2. Heat surround technology for shorter cooking time, better nutrition, and more energy savings.
3. Straight sides (3.5″ high) help retain heat and limit evaporation.
4. Compatible with gas, induction, ceramic and halogen cook tops; oven & dishwasher safe.


1. Nickel helps become more corrosion-resistant, so nickel-bearing stainless steel is commonly used for industrial purposes, BUT nickel is high up on the ATSDR list of priority toxins. Our sauce pan is made of food grade NICKEL FREE stainless steel (18/0), which is NON-TOXIC, NON-ALLERGIC.
2. Even heat distribution achieves the natural stick resistance. Our cookware is satisfactorily stick resistant if used and cared properly.


1. Please keep the pan clean and dry after each use; DO NOT store foods seasoned with salt in it.
2. Please remove foods from the refrigerator 10-15 minutes before cooking; pre-heat for 1-2 minutes, add oil before adding food; do not turn the food too soon to prevent sticking.
3. Heat at medium temperature.

Product Features

  • MIRROR POLISHED & ERGONOMIC DESIGN – This noble & elegant mirror polished 1.75 QT sauce pan cuts a fine figure in kitchen and at dining table – Ergonomic fist-loop handle with Y-shaped connection stays cool; is easy and secure to grip – See-through tempered glass lid circulates heat & moisture – Whole 3-ply construction for optimal heat conduction – Great for cooking vegetables, melting butter, simmering sauces, soups or gravies.
  • NICKEL FREE HARM FREE – NICKEL FREE Stainless Steel combines the best of stainless steel and cast iron . Nickel-bearing 18/8 (Cr: Ni) or 18/10 stainless steel stands out for corrosion-resistance, is commonly used for industrial purposes, BUT nickel is high up on the ATSDR list of priority toxins; nickel leaching harms health and causes allergy. Ours is food grade NICKEL FREE stainless steel (18/0): NOT ONLY sturdy & beautiful, BUT ALSO non-toxic, non-allergic & healthier.
  • NO COATING NO RISK – General non-stick coating cookware releases toxic fumes when cooking; is known to cause cancer and disrupt immune system. As it becomes worn, the risk of ingesting Teflon increases drastically. Our stainless steel sauce pan does not apply any coating. 3-Ply construction & heat surround technology allow for even heat conductivity and distribution to eliminate hot spots; achieve the non-stick purpose without toxic PFOA and PTFE.
  • WHOLE-CLAD 3-PLY CONSTRUCTION – 3-Ply construction throughout the pan (one layer of pure aluminum core sandwiched between two stainless steel layers) ensures optimal heat distribution and storage, thus faster cooking, more energy saving, and thus better nutrition – Straight sides (3.5″ high) help retain heat & limit evaporation – Rounded interior corners for easy stirring – Compatible with gas, induction, ceramic and halogen cook tops; oven & dishwasher safe.
  • DEVOTED CUSTOMER SERVICE – Genuine HOMICHEF stainless steel cookware products, certified by ISO9001, BSCI, etc. – For Amazon customers, this product comes with 1-Month Free Trial & 6-Year Warranty & Free Life Time Customer Service – You can always come to us for discounted parts, free recipes, free cook consultations, or free customer service at: http://www.amazon.com/seller/HOMI-CHEF

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3 thoughts on “HOMI CHEF Mirror Polished NICKEL FREE Stainless Steel 1.75 QT(Quart) Sauce Pan with Glass Lid (No Toxic Non Stick Coating, Whole-Clad 3-Ply) 10112

  1. Best pan Ive seen anywhere near this price excellent all the way around. Beefy handle of solid metal, solid molded rivet attachment (not spot welded like some others ahem), Rugged glass top with sculpted metal rim for perfect seal, riveted-through-the-glass solid top handle, state-of-the-art stainless alloy, perfect balance.WOW.I’ve been using for a week now and it’s my favorite go-to pan for induction or stove top cooking -It heats noticeably faster than my other SS ware.I hope these guys make more pans as good as…

  2. Perfect small sauce pan. Outstanding sauce pan. This is the perfect size for soup/ramen/homemade sauces. The directions for first time use should be followed, once that is done the pan is ready for daily use. Testing for proper temp with the bouncing water drop is a fun and accurate measure of achieving perfect cooking temperature. My first use was sauteing onions, they came out fragrant, golden toned, and almost transparent. Delicious. Next was tomato sauce from scratch, three hours with no scorching or sticking to…

  3. pleasantly surprised with this sauce pan I opened the box and was impressed with its appearance. Then I picked it up and really liked the feel and weight of the pan. Made a couple of sauces, cooked some pasta, and boiled hot dogs in the pan. Worked great. Heat distribution on the bottom of the pan was nicely even. I even like the numbering system (in quarts) on the inside. Measurements in cups would have been nice on the other side. Due to the size of the pan, I can’t see cooking large dishes in it. But for what it was…

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