Product Features

  • Product Dimensions: 16.5″x11.8″x7.9″
  • 3 DIY Methods: The pot lid rack has 8 adjustable dividers, you can either install 8 dividers on one side of the pan rack or install 4 dividers on both sides of the pan rack. You can also use as a single sided horizontal rack. Ideal for use in cupboard, cabinet, drawer, and on top of worktop.
  • The dividers are covered with a protective glue, to protect damage from scratching.
  • Practical Design: Adjustable dividers allow to hold pots/pans/plates of ANY SIZE and SHAPE.
  • Added silicone feet for skidproof, and to prevent countertop from scratching.

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3 thoughts on “GRANNY SAYS Cookware Rack Organizer with 3 DIY Methods, 8 Adjustable Dividers, Pan/Pot/Lid Organizer Rack Holder, Black

  1. Tamarind Chop Block no longer rolls away . . . This comes with 7 dividers, a sliding base, and 6 grippers. To assemble, choose a size by sliding the base apart until desired size is reached where the side holes match up on both pieces. The sliding pieces can come apart, so don’t pull apart too far. Squeeze divider into place near middle into base side holes to keep it from sliding apart. Install other dividers in desired locations. To install grippers, find slit on gripper, pull gripper open and place over bottom bar on base. The slit…

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