A versatile and handy 4 quart stock pot. Columbian’s technology for applying porcelain creates a durable, chip resistant product that will last most families a lifetime. The glass-like surface does not interact with or alter the taste of food, and even the most stubborn foods clean up easily. Porcelain enamel is the result of fusing powdered glass to a substrate by firing, usually between 750 and 850 degrees Celsius. The powder melts and flows and hardens to a durable vitreous coating on a carbon steel core. It creates a smooth, hard finish that won’t burn and resists staining. It’s also non -porous so it won’t trap odors or food particles and provides a low coefficient of friction – meaning that it cleans up easily and, it is corrosion and chemically resistant so it will last a long time. When fired, the vessel is placed on pins so the bottom and sides are hardened during the firing process into one smooth laminated glass surface. You may notice slight pin indentations where the glass has flowed around the pin that supports the base during firing. The pin marks do not compromise the finish or performance of the vessel. Not recommended for glass cooktops. White

Product Features

  • Constructed of low carbon steel with glass coating
  • No PFOA’s or any other chemical to alter food’s taste
  • Dark interior absorbs ovens energy
  • Steel core evenly distributes the heat
  • Not to be used on glass cook-tops

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3 thoughts on “Granite Ware Stock Pot, 4-Quart

  1. Very Nice! I cook a lot from scratch for my large family. I found myself in need of a good pot that was not too big nor too small for oatmeals, soups, and veggies. I was frankly concerned this would be too cheap-o and burn my foods, but because I have a great quality set in storage, I thought this would do for our time living overseas.I was very happy after using this. It browned my onions and garlic nicely. It cleaned up quickly. It made a perfect amount of soup for dinner.And as a…

  2. It’s a fine pot, but has some cosmetic issues. I am a simple college student and it does what I need it to: boil things and pop popcorn. It is a fine pot by my standards, but there are some cosmetic issues that really bug me. For one, the pot’s lid came with a hefty knick/scrape which is very visible because the scrape looks like the color of the metal pot (dark gray/black) underneath the white coloring. Second of all, the inside of the pot became heavily discolored after boiling a couple of sweet potatoes. I get that it’s a white pot and…

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