This 7.5 Qt pot is great for making stews or for Sous Vide cooking. Columbian’s technology for applying porcelain creates a durable, chip resistant product that will last most families a lifetime. The glass-like surface does not interact with or alter the taste of food, and even the most stubborn foods clean up easily. Porcelain is fused to the steel at 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit producing a non-porous, inert glass surface that is naturally non-stick. Porcelain can chip if dropped, however this does not reduce the effectiveness of the cookware. It creates a smooth, hard finish that won’t burn and resists staining. It’s also non-porous so it won’t trap odors or food particles and provides a low coefficient of friction – meaning that it cleans up easily and, it is corrosion and chemically resistant so it will last a long time. When fired, the vessel is placed on pins so the bottom and sides are hardened during the firing process into one smooth laminated glass surface. You may notice slight pin indentations where the glass has flowed around the pin that supports the base during firing. The pin marks do not compromise the finish or performance of the vessel. Not recommended for glass cooktops.

Product Features

  • Constructed of low carbon steel with glass coating
  • No PFOA’s or any other chemical to alter food’s taste
  • Steel core evenly distributes the heat
  • Great for Sous Vide cooking
  • Made in the USA

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2 thoughts on “Granite Ware Stew Pot, 7.5-Quart

  1. Nice size, made in USA This one is made in USA. Not all graniteware is today. It is a good size, smaller than a canner. Sometimes I dunk my dishes in boiling water after washing them – as in when my rescue cat had worms. I always have one of these around. If you have hard water like I do, after a while you can get a mineral deposit in the pot. I stay ahead of that by wiping the inside of the pot and lid with a paper towel dipped in vinegar. Put the lid on, and let it sit an hour before washing. So far, none of the…

  2. Functional… but not an impressively well-made pot. I’ve had the pot for a couple of months now, and seems to be holding up all right, but I was less than impressed when I received it. Although mine was evenly coated, the metal seems very thin. The lid is a little larger than the pot, and although it lays flat and seals acceptably, it tends to slide around rather than seating firmly. Most worrisome of all, the edge of the lid is only rolled about halfway, leaving what could be a dangerous edge. Perhaps this is a manufacturing defect, as it seems…

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