This set of 14 adorable flower-shaped felt protectors will keep your favorite pots, pans, bowls and dishes looking brand new and free from chips, scratches and scrapes. Each pan and dish protector easily fits between dishware protecting non-stick finishes, glass, ceramic, stoneware and more. Felt pan pads also help prevent dishes from locking together when storing for long periods. Just simply grab your dish and get to baking! Made of soft, vibrant-colored felt to cheer up otherwise bland cabinets and drawers. Set includes 14 felt pan protectors in the following sizes and colors: 4 green (2 medium, 2 large), 4 red (2 medium, 2 large), and 6 orange (3 medium, 3 large). The medium size measures approximately 7 inches in diameter and the large size measures approximately 9 inches in diameter. Pots, pans, and dishes are not included. Note: NOT intended to be used as a pot holder against high heat.

*Evelots is a brand of Green Mountain Imports, LLC and is exclusively distributed by Green Mountain Imports.*Evelots has more than 500 products to offer. Please don’t forget to visit our Amazon store. For International Shipments: Import duties, taxes, and charges are not included in the listed price and are the buyer’s responsibility.

Product Features

  • This set of 14 flower-shaped felt protectors will protect your favorite pots, pans and dishes
  • Flower-shaped felt protectors come in three bold and cheerful colors: green, red, and orange
  • Set of 14 includes 7 inch and 9 inch pan and dish protectors, perfect for your entire collection
  • Felt pan pads also help prevent dishes from locking together with storing

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3 thoughts on “Evelots Felt Pan, Pot & Dish Scratch Protector-Cookware-Glass Divider-2 Sizes-Set/14

  1. Pretty worthless if you’re getting them to nest non stick pans I just bought a new set of non stick pans. I have a couple of pan protectors from Pampered Chef and they are great, but I needed a few more, and I wanted something quicker and cheaper, so I bought these. It was a mistake.First of all, they are flimsy. Second of all, they’re not large enough, nor shaped correctly, to cover the sides of pots and pans. They only cover the bottom cooking service. When nesting pots and pans, you need protection on the sides as well so the sides…

  2. These do a pretty good job but unfortunately aren’t as ideal as I … These do a pretty good job but unfortunately aren’t as ideal as I expected. The largest size covers the entire bottom of my largest pans but doesn’t provide protection for the sides of the pan. I also wouldn’t mind if maybe the petals were wider or they added more of them so that more surface area is covered on the bottom too. I’ve seen packs of 48 count, protectors at popular organization stores for around the same price or a couple of dollars less which I think might be better. But if you’re…

  3. Cheery, functional, and helpful in organizing the pot drawer This assortment has various sizes, which I use for medium to small pans. They are cheery colors, easy to use, and much better than the squares of bubble wrap or thin poly foam or circles of flannel that I was using. They were annoying and always in the wrong place. These are sturdy and get respect to help guide each pan back into its former assigned position. I use a larger size light grey set for big pans that have easily marred surfaces, and I like those too. Don’t remember it if’s…

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