Thanks to thicker wire, our stainless-steel rack supports heavier foods without buckling. Plus, its 1″ inch height allows better airflow, so foods bake & cool more evenly.

Now you can enjoy flakier biscuits, juicier roasts, crispier bacon & more.

It’s Easy With Our Kitchenatics Rack

This high quality rack provides better cooling & roasting, for more delicious results every time.

Airflow Makes the Difference

Our rack is raised up 1″ – a full one-inch higher than others. This extra height allows greater airflow, which helps prevent excess condensation. That way:

Cookies & other baked goods won’t get mushy as they cool
Cakes, pies, meats & more will cook more evenly in the oven

Perfect for Roasting, Grilling & BBQ, Too

This versatile rack fits perfectly inside any 13″ x 18″ baking pan. You can cook virtually anything from juicy roasts to non-greasy bacon to tender grilled asparagus or crispy chicken wings – without having to flip them.

Your Rack Also Features:

Thicker 304 (18/8) stainless steel wire grid
3 super-strong cross supports
Heat resistance up to 575 degrees F
Rust resistance for lasting durability
Easy care – dishwasher safe
Nontoxic safety: no artificial coatings or chrome plating that can wear off or flake in your food.
Fits baking pans such as American Bakeware, Nordic Ware, Vollrath, Island Ware, Mainstay Commercial Grade Pan to name a few.

If commercial quality is what you’re after, add our Stainless Steel Cooling Rack to your cart today, and impress your family with bakery-quality desserts from your own kitchen.

Product Features

  • SET OF 2 COMMERCIAL GRADE 304 (18/8) STAINLESS STEEL cooling rack, RUST-PROOF and DISHWASHER SAFE for easy cleanup long-lasting durability. NONTOXIC and NO ARTIFICIAL COATINGS that can harm your food and health. It is the perfect kitchen tool for a hot pan, or for baked goods, to cool down evenly and quickly.
  • SUPREME DURABILITY with 1-INCH (1″) IN HEIGHT for optimal airflow, allows air to circulate around all sides of the pan for absolutely perfect cooking and cooling of baked bread, pastries, cakes, brownies, pies and cookies. This wire rack can be used like an air-fryer too, achieving the same crispy, crunchy and even baked results.
  • HEAVY DUTY RAISED, THICK WIRE GRID with 3-cross-supports can hold up to 40 lbs of meat without the rack bowing or bending and prevents thin baked goods from falling through the crack.
  • OVEN-SAFE to 575˚F for effective roasting, grilling meat & seafood, baking, broiling, smoking, bbq and drying. There is no need to flip your food while cooking. You will get a crisp and juicy chicken, bacon, turkey, pulled pork, bbq ribs and other meat and vegetable dishes without any sweating.
  • PERFECT FIT FOR POPULAR BRANDS of large 13″ x 18″ half sheet pan and cookie sheets. Rack Dimensions: 11.81″ x 16.85″ . Pan is not included.

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3 thoughts on “Cooling, Roasting & Baking Racks fit Standard Half Sheet Pans – Heavy Duty 304 Stainless Steel Wire Racks Dishwasher & Oven-Safe for Cooking, Smoking, Grilling – Rust Proof (11.8″ x 16.9″ Set of 2)

  1. Even Though I Paid Full Price for this Rack… Here are the reasons I recommend this rack:1) The construction is heavy gauge, solid stainless steel – the best quality that doesn’t attract a magnet (yes, I tested it).2) The finish is bright and smooth; no pitting or discolorations or snags. All the welds are precise. Constructed with an eye for detail.3) The grid is tight, which will keep your foods from sagging through.4) The design is excellent, with three cross bars, each with two feet, for a total of six…

  2. I have used the America’s Test Kitchen recommended mostly as cooling racks with great success for years I have used the America’s Test Kitchen recommended mostly as cooling racks with great success for years. They have always cleaned up quickly for me with a soapy brush at the sink and I have never experienced any rust issues. They have performed admirably for my needs. Recently I ran short on rack space with a big project. When I went shopping for…

  3. great for baking meat I’ve waited several months to post this because I wanted to use the product extensively and see how we really liked it. We make a lot of baked chicken, chicken wings, and pork chops, so we were looking for a something to keep them out of the grease as they cook. I paired this product with a Nordic Ware Aluminum Baker’s sheet and it has been just what we’re looking for. The wings come out crispy on both sides. The only down side is that it’s difficult to clean. I honestly don’t know how that…

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