The Cooks Standard Wall Mounted Wooden Pot Rack, 36 by 8-Inch has a 36 inch base that is made of 6 wood tracks and is held by 2 (8 inch) wall mounts. The pot rack also comes with 4 pan hooks and 2 swivel hooks. Supports around 30 pounds. Brackets and hooks are made of solid cast aluminum for a modern appearance and to coordinate with your kitchen and cookware’s style. Natural wood track is smooth and durable. Cookware can be placed vertically or horizontally to save space and helps with organization. Installation is easy. Extra hooks are available, please purchase separately.

Product Features

  • Has a 36 inch base that is made of 6 wood tracks and is held by 2 wall mounts
  • Includes 6 swivel hooks that rotate 360 degrees; Supports around 30 pounds
  • Brackets/hooks are made of solid cast aluminum to match kitchen style/cookware
  • Natural wood track is durable and smooth; Can place cookware flat and vertically
  • Easy installation with phillips screwdriver; Extra hooks available, purchase separately

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3 thoughts on “Cooks Standard Wall Mounted Wooden Pot Rack, 36 by 8-Inch

  1. Very functional at the same time very aesthetically pleasing. I have to say this is Beautiful. It has a great look to it and is Built solid. I could not have thought of a better design. It’s exactly what I was looking for and more. It holds a lot of weight as you can see from my photos and holds it firmly when mounted in the studs. My cast iron pans are extremely heavy starting with the 12 inch Lodge on the left of the picture, I just absolutely love this Pot rack. No more having to reach around and fumble through my pans to get the one I need. Now they…

  2. A very helpful kitchen upgrade! I’m extremely happy with this purchase! It is so nice to have all your pots and pans easily accessible. I was getting tired of having to bend down and pull out a bunch of pans just to get the one I want and then put the rest back. Also, I have ceramic pans, so they need a barrier in-between so that the ceramic doesn’t get damaged. So by hanging them, I can avoid the need for that and the hassle.It also helps to be able to hang them to let them dry. They can’t be dripping, but…

  3. The perfect pot hanger. This is just what I envisioned for that space on the kitchen wall. It was a snap to put together and put up. Try and find a stud to drill into, as it will make a more secure mounting. Most studs are 16 inches on center. Also you may want to pre drill slightly smaller holes, as the screws that came with it, rounded out under my cordless drill. You can always purchase stouter screws at the hardware store. Also the addition of the Variera Pot Lid Organizer, Stainless steel (available on…

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