The Cooks Standard Ceiling Mounted Wooden Pot Rack, Single Bar, 36-Inch has a 36 inch single bar made of 2 wood tracks that is supported by 2 (24 inch) chains. The pot rack also comes with 6 swivel hooks that can be turned 360 degrees to adjust cookware. Supports around 30 pounds. Brackets and hooks are made of solid cast aluminum for a modern appearance and to coordinate with your kitchen and cookware’s style. Natural wood track is smooth and durable and can be mounted on a ceiling or against a wall. Saves space and helps with organization. Installation is easy with a Phillips screwdriver. Extra hooks are available, please purchase separately.

Product Features

  • Has a 36 inch single bar made of 2 wood tracks that is held by 2 (24 inch) chains
  • Includes 6 swivel hooks that can be turned 360 degrees; Supports around 30 lbs
  • Brackets/hooks are made of solid cast aluminum to match kitchen style/cookware
  • Natural wood track is durable and smooth and can be mounted on a ceiling or wall
  • Easy installation with screwdriver; Extra hooks available, purchase separately

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3 thoughts on “Cooks Standard NC-00269 Single Bar, 36-Inch Ceiling Mounted Wooden Pot Rack, Brown

  1. Work amazingly well Absolutely amazing. I have a small kitchen without much cabinet space or wall space. I bolted these into the ceiling using only the hooks and not the chain (because of my ceiling height) and they work great. I was able to get about 10 pans per rack. I bought extra hooks (do not buy the ones that swivel they make the rack swing too much). I was not able to sink the hooks into the ceiling stud per the instructions but, instead used molleys. I have about 26 pounds of pans on each one (weight…

  2. Very nice rack for the money, but you’ll probably end up buying extra hooks It’s a very nice hanging pot rack for the money, with plenty of room for additional hooks (at extra charge). See my photo to see what mine looks like with 8 extra hooks (total of 8 fixed and 6 swivel) and a little extra chain to hang a bunch of my often-used cookware, most-used pot lids, wok ring, vegetable baskets and frying screens. Saves a lot of cabinet space for the big roasters, chili pots and other seldom-used pieces.Note: they include 4 E-hooks, but only two are needed to…

  3. Looks great, works great, easy install Love it. Easy assembly, looks beautiful, works perfectly. I hung it from some existing hooks that I was using for my fruit baskets. They are the toggle bolt style because where I wanted to mount it did not have ceiling struts. I asked my husband if he thought they would be strong enough and he reached up and yanked on it real hard and it was obvious it was not going anywhere. So although the instructions say you must put them in a ceiling beam, it is working perfectly for me using toggle bolts…

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