Cajun Classic 9.2-Quart Aluminum Dutch Oven – GL9941. GL9941. Dutch Ovens & Camp Pots. This Cajun Classic dutch oven holds 9. 2 quarts and is made of heavy-duty spun aluminum which has great heat conductivity, is easy to clean and lightweight. The aluminum dutch oven is well suited to cooking both indoors and outdoors. The Cajun Classic aluminum dutch oven comes with a lid with a stainless steel handle and measures 13 in. X 4. 5 in. Deep and 1/8 in. Thick….

Product Features

  • Heavy-duty aluminum construction provides excellent heat conductivity
  • Easy to clean and lightweight
  • Great for both indoor and outdoor cooking
  • Includes lid for low and slow cooking
  • Included aluminum lid features a comfortable round stainless steel handle

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