How a Great Idea come up with?🤔🤔🤔

It all originates from questions. We always have some questions:Does there exist aliens? 👽Which one come first,eggs or chickens?🐣🐔

Of course,same as the creation of stone frying pan🍳🍳🍳: Nowdays,more and more people advocate coming back to simple and natural life. /p>

Why not come back to the ancient Stone Age?

Doesn’t it sound interesting? Our Pans, Casseroles,Milk Pans,Hot Pots,Grill Pans…all are made of stone texture.

So cool!

We still have a big targe: Make everybody own a set of stone cookware in their kitchen.

Does it sound ridiculous?

At least,we don’t think so. We have confidence to achieve it step by step.

So just try and buy it!?👍👍👍

Warm Tips for Stone Pans’ Usage

1.Before the first time use, please remove the packing material and all the tags, clean with detergent or warm water, then coats a thin layer of oil or other grease.

2.Cooking Tools – Plastic utensils and wooden tools are more suitable. Sharp tools will damage your pans during long time use.

3.Cleaning way – Better way: Hand washed gently with soft cloth and dry it. For cleaning of stubborn food stain, you’d better soak the pot in hot water with detergent for a period of time.

In general, a pot with non-stick coating can be washed by dishwasher,

but is not recommended to do so as strength of aluminium substrate will be reduced and the edible oil of the coating will be fully rinsed,

therefore, it needs to be reapplied with a coat of oil. The use of dishwasher may reduce the service life of the pot.

Product Features

  • 🍳What is Stone Coating Pan? This stone pan is a kind of innovation that imitates the shape& texture of Marble stone(volcanic rock) and adopts a 100% PFOA, PTFE, lead and cadmium free nonstick coating. COOK HEALTHIER AND EASIER !
  • 🍳An Attractive 11 Inch Frying Pan – Retro, Rural & Natural styles create a warmer and more joyful meal atmosphere. The stone frying pans’ streamlined design integrated with ergonomic wood grain handle adds to its comfort, convenience and slip resistance during cooking.
  • 🍳More Practical Use – Premium aluminum alloy material combined with magnetized base allows for rapid heat transfer and long-time use, satisfying cookware like induction, gas, ceramic, electric, halogen & solid fuel cookers. Not suitable for Oven.
  • 🍳What do you want to cook today? Made the perfect pancake, stir-fry, casserole, curry, vegetables, omelets, potatoes, fajitas, quesadillas, and more. Or just fry sausages, seafood, poultry, burgers, toasting pine nuts or even toasting off some spices. Our stone Earth & Marble frying pan makes it easy to cook food that the whole family will love.
  • 🍳We promise you – Quality first, Service Utmost. Your 100% satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit. We offer 30 days’ 100% MONEY BACK guarantee. Just try this Stone Pan !

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  1. I love my new skillets! Once upon a time, I fell in love with my new skillets! My husband and his family ruined all my nonstick cookwear and I have been suffering with having to cook on them for fear that the replacement(s) would have the same fate. I finally had enough and replaced them with 3 of Caanasweis skillets Small/Med/Large and am happy again. After threatening other users with removal of life and limb I plan to baby these beautiful skillets for the rest of eternity. There is no better satisfaction than…

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