Chinese Wok Nonstick Die-Casting Aluminum Scratch Resistant

February 13, 2022
Chinese Wok Nonstick Die-Casting Aluminum Scratch Resistant

Chinese Wok Nonstick Die-casting Aluminum Scratch Resistant - 100% PFOA-Free nonstick Aluminum Die-Cast Wok is coated with food-safe, glass-like, nonstick coating, which will not wear off, and will not affect the taste of food. Made of top-quality alloy with a high tolerance and strength, and will last for a long time. This nonstick wok will make a great homemade wok, stir fry, fry, dine, etc.

It is also suitable as party gifts or gifts for people like family, friends, boyfriends, and girlfriends, who are always cooking for their family and friends. Children love to use this wok as an activity for learning, and for kids, they love to cook and make food for their family and friends.

Features & Highlights

This Die-Cast Aluminum Wok is made of solid quality material to ensure the wok is durable, lightweight, and lasts long.

The wok's surface is smooth and without any scratches or dimples, making it easy for you to clean it.

The food will never stick or leave any residue on it, no matter the food you cook with it.

The wok is scratch-resistant, so your kitchen floor or living room will not be damaged with the wok in use.

This wok is PFOA-free, suitable for both people and animals, or better to say, for people and nature. No matter what kinds of food you cook with it, the food will not stick to it. So it is suitable for people and good for animals and nature.

This wok is 100% PFOA-free, with no PFOA on it, so it is a safe product for your health.

The handle is easy to hold with one hand; no problem for you to clean it.

About this Product

NON-STICK GREBLON C3+ COATING - Interior & exterior is coated by high performance nonstick German GREBLON C3+ PTFE marble coating, making the wok pan easy to cook and clean. Safe temperature up to 260℃.

SMOKELESS, GREEN & HEALTHY - Cooking with little oil for healthy diet, very durable surface, significant nonstick effect, Environmentally friendly, and high temperature resistant.100% PFOA-free Durable and non-burnt cookware.

STURDY REINFORCED DIE-CAST ALUMINUM BODY - Ensures fast, even heat distribution. The 4mm thicken bottom provides a stable heat distribution during cooking, rapidly heating up, saving time and energy. A 3.5mm consolidates aluminum body appropriate weight, and heat conductive can ensure uniform heat dissipation and prevent hot spots.

ERGONOMIC BAKELITE KNOB AND HANDLE - COOKLOVER's wok builds with heat resistant soft-touch silicone Bakelite knob and handle with beautiful wood grain design (NOT REAL WOOD).

VERTICAL SILICONE GLASS LID - With steam vent, viewing food quickly, heat-resistant and anti-slip Ergonomic handle and knob is nice to grip, easy to maneuver, safe and anti-scald.

If you are interested in this product, you find what you want, choose a wok, and cook your food in it. The primary purpose of wok is to give you the convenience of cooking.

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