Ideal Kitchen stainless steel cookware to Measure, Mix, Boil and Strain in same Sauce pan with strainer lid. AVACRAFT’s stainless steel Sauce Pan designed to last like new for lifelong!

  • AVACRAFT Cookware’s pots and pans are high quality 18/10 stainless steel, highly resistant to stain, rust, corrosion while maintaining the shine and looks.
  • Multiclad: Heavy duty stainless steel pot designed for even heat distribution. Safer option over nonstick pots and pans, nonstick saucepan, nonstick pan set. A kitchen essential.
  • Glass Strainer Lid: Saucepan with strainer lid with straining holes on two sides, makes this pot with glass lid an ideal pasta strainer, pasta cooker, pasta pot, ramen cooker, the right rice maker, pasta sauce pot, soup pot and stock pot. This is strainer with handle. Our sauce pan set is worlds greatest pot with strainer. No need of colander.
  • Easy Measurement: Stainless steel pan with measuring marks inside. Makes it one of the ideal cooking pans, stainless steel pots.
  • Easy Pouring: Spouts on both sides for easy pouring. Ideal pouring medium making it tea pots for stove top, soup pot, gravy pot, pasta cooker, pasta maker
  • Convenience: Gas, electric ceramic, Induction cooktop compatible! Induction saucepan. Designed not too heavy, not too light for everyday use.
  • Hassle Free: AVACRAFT saucepan with lid is dishwasher safe, refrigerator safe. Check our all pans and make a pan set, pot set.
  • Best Gift: Best Housewarming gift, wedding gift, office gift, thanksgiving gift, Christmas gift, new year gift
  • AVACRAFT® is Quality, Customer service and Trust.Write to us for any questions, comments or feedback. AVACRAFT is a registered trademark and is original manufacturer of the brand and best quality. Beware of counterfeits.

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    Product Features

    • 18/10 STAINLESS STEEL SAUCEPAN: Tri-ply stainless steel, pure aluminum core between stainless steel layers for whole body. Special matte finish inside to prevent scratches over time & mirror finish outside for beautiful look. Easy to read measurement marks inside.
    • All-IN-ONE: Shatterproof glass strainer lid to strain pasta, noodles, vegetables etc. Proudly, worlds greatest pot with strainer. Pour spouts on both sides of the rim for right and left handed. Silicone lid handle for safety!
    • EVEN HEATING: Heavy duty multi clad construction. No heat spots, even heat distribution. Ergonomic handle stays cool when pan is hot. Induction pan, works on gas, electric, halogen cooktops.
    • EASY TO CLEAN, DURABLE: Made only with high quality 18/10 food grade stainless steel, highly durable, resistant to rust, stain, corrosion or crack. Designed to look elegant in kitchen. Dishwasher, Refrigerator safe. Beautiful pan.
    • LIFETIME WARRANTY: AVACRAFT is the most trusted emerging women driven brand! We’ve always got your back! Buy the best, lifetime warranty.

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2 thoughts on “AVACRAFT Top Rated Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Saucepan with Glass Strainer Lid, Two Side Spouts, Ergonomic Handle, Multipurpose Sauce Pan with Lid, Sauce Pot, Cooking Pot (Tri-Ply Full Body, 3.5 Quart)

  1. changed to five stars see update in review Great Idea with the drain holes. Pan and lid look very nice. But that’s as far as it goes. The bottom of the pan has a thick plate attached as many do but this one is not flat. I have a flat top stove and this pan rocks on the stove. May be ok on a gas burner but definitely not a flat top. Returned and got a replacement thinking this one was just one that slipped thru. Nope, the second one was exactly the same way. Poor quality control. Also after washing the pan the plate on the bottom traps…

  2. Great little pot! I’ve been looking for another small pot {saucepan} for over a year now! I did a bunch of research and found that some of the great brand names that I bought over a decade ago, are no longer making their kitchenware with the quality they once did. {My mom always says, they just don’t make things the way they used to, and I guess she’s right.} I was hesitant to buy this brand, because I’ve never heard of it, but it had some great reviews, MUCH better reviews than the high quality name brands I…

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