Are you tired of your messy dresser drawers or overcrowded kitchen drawers? Well, you are going to love our new Drawer Dividers. Our drawer dividers are the perfect answer to your organizational challenges. Use our dividers to organize your kitchen utensils, spices and wash rags, or take your messy bathroom drawers and beautifully organize your cosmetics or toothbrushes! Tackle those cluttered office drawers or use them in your nursery to keep all of baby’s things neatly in place. The dividers are also easy to remove, so you can create a custom storage solution to meet your needs. It`s easier to find, keep, and use your things when you have everything in its place. Create this ordered place with these dividers now!

— High Quality ABS Plastic Construction, reinforced with screws for a tight and secure hold.
— Teeth-Gear expanding with simple pull and push locking mechanism
— High Density EVA Foam Sponge Ends to help lock and secure the dividers and help protect your drawers
— Materialistic and Safe Design
— Usable and Functional

Package Includes:
4 x Adjustable Drawer Dividers

Product Features

  • Unique mechanism allows easy, no tool installation with the simple push of a button and holds very sturdy
  • GADENT Adjustable Drawer Dividers expand from 11″ to 17″ to fit all size drawers front to back or side to side
  • Dresser Dividers are 4″ in height to accommodate most dressers and many other drawer types
  • Set of 4 dividers keep your drawers neat and clutter free.Store and organize socks, women’s leggings, sports bras, yoga pants, lingerie, tights, t-shirts, scarves, belts, accessories and more
  • Durable construction, beautiful appearance, wonderful gift idea for anyone who likes to be organized.

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3 thoughts on “4-Pack Adjustable Drawer Dividers Organizer Separators – Good Grips Dresser Organizer – for Bedroom, Bathroom, Closet, Baby Drawer, Desk, Kitchen Storage

  1. Love! Love! Love these drawer organizers! Like so many others I have a drawer dedicated to all kitchen utensils/gadgets that don’t fall into the typical fork, spoon, butter knife catagory. And although there are tons of organizers for those items, there aren’t many available to help organize the countless other kitchen cookware gadgets. I’m so glad I have finally come across one that fills this void! This product has transformed my gadget “junk drawer” into one that makes it much easier and safer to find the items I’m looking for…

  2. This is just what I’ve been wanting to separate some of my dresser drawers. It’s really nice that they’re adjustable as some of my drawers are wider than others. The only thing I didn’t love were that the dividers were somewhat difficult to adjust, as you needed to pull up the tab in the middle to shorten the divider but at times it got stuck or wouldn’t go back down without me wiggling the divider around until it latched. That was a little annoying to deal with, but for the price I’m overall…

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