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YouCopia StoreMore Adjustable Cookware Rack

The StoreMore Cookware Rack organizes heavy pans, platters and lids, including cast iron, in a lower cabinet or pantry. Customize your space and stay organized!

Six steel wire holders can be adjusted every half inch for a perfect fit, so you can easily find and remove one item at a time. Simply place the rack inside your cabinet, insert dividers and then your items. There is no mounting or installation required.

Vertical storage helps maximize space and protect your valuable cookware and serving pieces from chips and scratches that occur with stacking. Strong wires won’t pop out and round pans stay centered in the base. Soft, non-slip feet hold the unit firmly in place.

The Cookware Rack helps home cooks customize their cabinets and organize their kitchen! Slightly deeper than the StoreMore Bakeware Rack, the Cookware Rack measures 9.3? D x 11.5? W x 8.4? H (23.5 x 29.2 x 21.3 cm).

YouCopia creates innovative home organization products to help you simplify and enjoy life.

Product Features

  • Organize heavy pans, large platters, pot lids and cutting boards (not included) in a lower cabinet or pantry to reduce clutter and maximize space
  • Customize your storage with 6 adjustable dividers to perfectly fit items so it’s easy to find and remove one thing at a time
  • Vertical storage and steel wires protect valuable cookware and serving pieces from chips and scratches
  • Soft non-slip feet hold the unit firmly in place inside the cabinet; no mounting or installation required
  • Measures 9-1/4-inches deep by 11-1/2-inches wide by 8-3/8-inches high; Made from durable ABS plastic and steel wires; Wipes clean with damp cloth; Imported; White

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  1. Just what I needed!

  2. Good adjustable lid holder. Needs more dividers or else it takes only thick lids. Good concept. An adjustable rack is more space-efficient than a non-adjustable one, and good value at under 12quid. The dividers are easy to fit and to remove, and are sturdy enough to hold saucepan lids (tested with a cast-iron lid).It could do with two or more dividers, or for YouCopia to make them available as an optional extra. You need a divider for each end unless you put one or both ends up against a wall or similar, as otherwise lid(s) at the end(s) will not have full…

  3. Mrs. V. R. Lathbury

    Has made it so much easier to get to the tins.

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