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Tala Set of 3 Wooden Spatulas

Set of 3 beech wooden spatulas. Approximate size: 30cm. Will not scratch or damage non-stick pans.

Product Features

  • Made fromSolid Beech
  • Excellent for Non Stick Surfaces
  • Splinter Resistant
  • 100% Pure, From well-managed forests
  • From The Tala Range

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  1. They’re okay I found these to be a bit of a rip off. For wooden spoons, they’re awfully expensive, and the quality of the items are no better than ones you could pick up at the lowest price range of a budget-friendly supermarket. I think you’re literally paying for the paint on the handles of each spoon. The spoons themselves have a fairly rough finish, and there was chunk that was coming off one of them because they didn’t even survive the delivery.But the spoon-bit is quite wide which is quite nice,…

  2. Cheap, cheerful and does the job well I needed some cheap wooden spoons as I had been using a latex spatula for all my cooking; fine if you’re stirring round a small amount of sauce, but not so great if you’re cooking a massive stir-fry. These spoons were my saviour! I got them for £3 which is splendid value. They’re mass produced wooden spoons, likely made from an inexpensive type of wood. However they’re fairly good quality, not too rough to the touch and after several uses they’ve yet to get stained or irreparably infused…

  3. These are very cheap and cheerful, but they are quite crudely finished. My wife complained about how rough they were, so I spent a good few minutes sanding one down until she deemed it acceptable.Another issue with them is that they are flat, instead of having a slight curve, as is more typical.For the money, I’m not complaining, but I’m not going to sing their praises either. The 3* score reflects that they are okay: They’re not good, but they are not unacceptably bad either…

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