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Old Dutch Oval Steel Pot Rack w. Grid & 16 Hooks, Graphite, 36″ x 19″ x 15.5″

Old Dutch Oval Steel Pot Rack w. Grid & 16 Hooks, Graphite, 36″ x 19″ x 15.5″

This 16-hook pot rack gives you plenty of hanging space for your pots and pans. The center grid can also serve as a shelf to store books, lids, or any other cooking necessities. Constructed of heavy-gauge steel, this pot rack is strong enough to support everything you need to hang. Don’t worry about cluttering your kitchen ever again, this pot rack is a convenient space saver. Includes grid, 16 hanging hooks and mounting hardware. Finished with a durable yet easy to maintain Graphite coating. Assembly required.This appealing, super-strong oval pot rack from Old Dutch consolidates your pots and pans and adds a bright warm note to your kitchen décor. Made from heavy-gauge steel with a tarnish-resistant coat, the rack’s oval frame can hang near a wall, if necessary, but looks great from all angles. The straight-angle supports, spaced 16 inches apart, elegantly offset the frame’s curves and allow access to lids, bowls, and colanders stored on the grid. Cleaning the rack is simple: the grid lifts out and the protective coat means you can just wipe it off. The 16 hooks–eight angled and eight straight–are fully movable to accommodate an evolving set of cookware. Weighing over 30 pounds, the rack must hang from a ceiling beam or joist. Assembly is easy, however, requiring only a screwdriver, an adjustable wrench, and about 15 minutes. –Emily Bedard

Product Features

  • Includes 16 hooks, eight angled and eight straight, all of which are fully adjustable to accommodate any set of cookware
  • Constructed of Heavy-Gauge steel for maximum strength and support. Holds up to 120 lbs.
  • Tarnish resistant Graphite coating.
  • Easily store all your pots, pans, and other accessories
  • Mounting Hardware included.

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  1. Nice Rack It is an elegant addition to my kitchen. It was NOT easy to install. It is made for ceiling joists on 16″ centers that just happen to be exactly where you want the rack, and also just happen to be running fore and aft in the proper direction. I had to build a thirty inch board, 1 1/2 inches thick to accommodate my 24″ centered joists. Detailing, routing some foo-foo edges, sanding, and finishing added two days to the project. Got ‘er done in time for the party though. As you can see in the…

  2. Awesome Pot Rack! This is an Awesome pot rack. It is very easy to assemble and install. Just make sure you hang the pot rack from the ceiling joists, as it it very heavy even without any pots on it. The pot rack is solid steel and it has a very nice powder coated bronze finish. The pot rack also stays balanced even when removing pots and pans. I also purchased some decorative bronze pendant light ceiling covers to go around the pot rack’s mounting hooks. They match the ceiling covers on the pendant lights over…

  3. Very solid, holds pots well, Graphite grey looks great This is a solid and well-built pot rack! Nicely designed, it goes together very well and is firm and secure. We were wavering between the bronze and graphite colors, due to pricing and availability (we prefer Amazon direct) we went with the Graphite. We are very happy with the looks; it’s a really nice addition to our kitchen and gives us a homey feeling. The color is powder coated paint, so for saving $80 I could easily paint it bronze or any other color if I felt the desire…

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