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Old Dutch Cookware Rack with Grid, Satin Copper

Old Dutch Cookware Rack with Grid, Satin Copper

36¼ x 9 x 12 Satin Copper Bookshelf Rack w/Grid & 12 Hooks, RM

Product Features

  • Pot racks are a great way to organize your kitchen.
  • This heavy gauge bookshelf pot rack measures 36 by 8
  • Comes with a matching grid and 12 hooks
  • Lacquered to resist tarnishing

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  1. Very useful and functional I purchased this pot rack to allow for additional space in my apartment to. Also to display my new pots and pans. As stated by other buyers there are issues that need to be resolved when hanging. First and foremost the item does have some weight to it. Yet to be functional it does need weight. After all it’s meant to hold pots and pans. It’s weight is about 22 lbs.So that being said, as one reviewer pointed out, you need to either locate the studs or install hanging strips to mount it. I…

  2. One of the best storage devices in my kitchen! First off, let me start by saying, I have a tiny kitchen, (less than 90 sq ft). So, basically, space saving devices are essential. As you can imagine, with such a small room, cabinet space is a bit tight, so anything that can get items up and out of my working space is a must. This hanging pot rack does just that, and may be one of the best space saving upgrades I’ve ever had the pleasure of purchasing. A gift from my husband, this item has really paid its way by making my small cooking space…

  3. Very solid, holds many items, and looks wonderful! This is a solid and well-built rack with a nice area for kitchen books or decor! Nicely designed, it goes together very well and is firm and secure. We are very happy with the looks; it’s a really nice addition to our kitchen and gives us a nice homey feeling. The color is powder coated and gives a nice antique look, matching our cabinets and hardware very well. We have darker cherry cabinets with bronze handles and they match this nicely.Besides looking great, a benefit of this…

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