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Nordic Ware Oven Bacon Pan

Nordic Ware Oven Bacon Pan

The best possible way for making’ oven-baked bacon! Drippings away for a healthier option and hot air circulates underneath so there’s no need for turning. For flat, evenly cooked bacon without the mess! Think beyond bacon too. Great for making jerky, dried fruits, crisp fries, veggies and more! The pan’s four corners act as pouring spouts for easy disposal of bacon fat when cooking is finished. Better yet, line the pan with aluminum foil prior to baking for hassle-free cleanup.

Product Features

  • Easy to Clean
  • Catches Drippings
  • Formed Aluminum Base
  • Nonstick Coated Steel Bacon Rack
  • Made in the USA with rack from China

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  1. Only wayTo cook bacon!


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