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Lynk Professional Professional Slide Out Cutting Board, Bakeware, and Tray Organizer with Pull Out Kitchen Cabinet Rack, 10w x 21d x 9.6h -inch, Chrome

Lynk Professional slide out rack is unequalled for organizing all those difficult to store heavy, bulky cutting boards, tall trays, and oversized baking pans. Our slide out organizer has tall heavy-duty dividers to keep everything organized, separated and easy to access. All bakeware is neatly held in place and the shelf slides to the front of cabinets for easy selection. This extra deep 21 inch storage rack takes full advantage of the entire depth of your kitchen cabinets, so there is no wasted space.

Lynk’s unique stainless steel welds, strong cross-beam construction, and the highest quality steel and chrome finish give you unparalleled strength and durability. The patented ProGlide industrial-grade ball-bearing glides ensure smooth, quiet sliding even when loaded with bakeware and heavy cutting boards. And with our proprietary Easy Mount design, setup is quick and easy (with just 4 screws – included) because our clever alignment guide does the measuring for you.

Lynk Professional offers a complete selection of pull out under cabinet organizers for any cabinet in your home.

Product Dimensions: 10 inch wide x 21 inch deep x 9.6 inch high.
Requires a minimum 11 inch cabinet opening.
Hardware included.

Product Features

  • Slide out organizer for hard to store cutting boards, tall trays, and baking pans
  • Strong dividers keep all your bakeware organized, separated and easy to access
  • Professionally engineered with commercial quality steel and chrome construction
  • Patented ProGlide industrial-grade ball bearing glide system ensures smooth, quiet sliding every time
  • Proprietary Easy Mount design installs in minutes with no measuring

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  1. Five Stars

  2. More room. Less noise. Less hassle to get your flat bakeware and cutting boards in one place. This! First, I removed a small shelf at the back of our cabinets. This was easy to do with a hammer, just by pounding it out, as it was only secured by finishing nails. That gave me the entire depth of the cabinet to work with. It is important to get this square (a template is provide) and to set it back from the edge enough that when it is closed, the cabinet door with close. Again, a template for that is provided. Fold it on the line, lay it over the front lip of your cabinet bottom with the…

  3. Well thought out and executed product I would give it six stars if I could. As a young engineer I learned that no matter how elegant your design it was worthless if it couldn’t be built, assembled and maintained easily. That lesson has been largely lost in the ensuing years so I was pleasantly surprised by this product. The quality of the construction was excellent and the use of finger nuts and shoulder bolts made assembly a snap. Add to that clear instructions, an alignment template and an extra fastener of each type for those of…

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