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Lifewit Height Adjustable Pan Pot Organizer Rack, 5-Tier Kitchenware Cookware Holder Hanger Shelves Kitchen Cabinet Worktop Countertop Storage Solutions, Stainless Steel

Maximizing space efficiency and convenience is easier than ever with Lifewit Cookware Rack.
Widened shelves hold steadily cookware, handle even heavy, cumbersome pots and pans.
Each divider can be configured or removed to accommodate different cookware, adjustable storage space.

1.Color: Argent
2.Material: Stainless steel
3.Size: 9.45 x 8.66 x 16.06 inches

1.U-shape frame * 1
2. Tier * 5
3. Wrench * 1
4. Nut * 2
5. Instructions * 1

Product Features

  • ADJUSTABLE TIERS & CUSTOMIZABLE LAYOUTS : Unlike traditional racks, Lifewit Cookware Rack features 5 height-adjustable shelves that allow you to configure your pan pot storage to fit your needs. It can be calibrated to accommodate to fit your cookware like pan, pot, saucepan or griddles of different sizes.
  • GREAT STORAGE SOLUTION : Lifewit Cookware Rack can store up to maximum 5 pans. It is an ideal organization solution for shelfless cabinets, disorderly counter top & areas under the sink ( please make sure the space is taller than 16.5 inches ). Easy to access each pan, there is no need to take up stacking cookwares, no more hassle, noise or scratches. With our rack, most of your cookware will be storage in one place which will save your space.
  • USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN : U-shaped frame biomechanical design, reinforced metal structure. Slight slant design of shelves prevents the pans from creeping down. Padded with plastic feet protectors to prevent scratches to the counter and to keep the rack in place. Extra large tiers hold steadily big pans and pots ( 10/11/12 inches ).
  • DURABLE STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION : Improving upon the chromed steel racks, the Lifewit Cookware Rack is made of FDA approved material food-grade heavy duty stainless steel, diameter of stainless steel wires up to 5mm, thicker than most of traditional pan racks, which is anti-rust, stain resistant & corrosion resistant to ensure easy cleaning, optimal esthetics, and lasting durability.
  • SUPER EASY TO ASSEMBLY : The Lifewit Cookware Rack Package comes with all hardware needed, no extra tools required. Quick installation in 1-2 minutes. Hope you will enjoy this rack!

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  1. Well-made, well designed, easy to assemble, but could do with being taller. The main advertising photo is unrealistic. Sturdy, well-made, looks good. Easy to assemble (tool supplied but I didn’t need it), clear instructions but anyway intuitive. This seems intended for use in a cupboard or on a worktop.The frame could do with being taller – add two or three more sets of holes to take the number of saucepans in an average saucepan set and you’d still fit it inside a standard kitchen floor cupboard as fitted by the likes of H omebase. The main advertising photo is unrealistic because who has five…

  2. Smashing bit of kit Do you know what? This Can Opener and Garlic Press from Lifewit are one of a kind. I was impressed with the effort and energy they put just to come up with a good quality set that everyone in the household needs.As a mom and a wife myself, whatever kitchen related is my thing, and part of taking responsibility for my role as a mom/wife is to have a tool that makes my job easy as possible.I love cooking and one of my greatest passion at heart and since I am naturally born…

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